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St. John’s Philharmonic Band was founded in 1981 by a group of Portuguese immigrants. Its headquarters is situated at 845 Washington Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts.  It is a non-profit organization and there are presently 30-40 band members, who volunteer their time and talents.

St. John’s Philharmonic Band has been a real haven for the Portuguese and all nationalities in Stoughton and surrounding areas.  For the past twenty five years, many children and adults have benefited greatly from the cultural richness and rhythm of the community that the philharmonic has offered to all. The band continues to be a very strong and viable unifying organization that promotes the Portuguese culture, heritage and social aspects that characterize and identify the richness of the Portuguese community.

The 30 to 40 present band members and directors have contributed their talents, common efforts and love of music to the community; they are comprised of men and women of all age groups.  The band does not discriminate: it welcomes and invites all to get involved. 

The band’s popularity has garnered many invitations to attend and perform throughout New England in both in-door and out-door events such as concerts, religious processions, parades and community-related events. The band furnishes members with uniforms and instruments.

Besides band concerts year-round, St. John’s band offers free music classes on a weekly basis.  Musicians enrolled for over 2 years are eligible for our scholarship fund.  Presently, there are 150 members; annual membership fee consists of $30.00 per year.  It is the goal of the philharmonic to attain 300 members in 2010.

We thank the following founders: Jose Tomás, Antonio Maciel, Jose Camara, and our musician group, for creating this valuable organization to support the Portuguese community.

We will work relentlessly as a team to achieve our financial goals, which will enable us to have a house for the band members and the community in the heart of Stoughton to promote and divulge our Portuguese traditions in this wonderful country who welcomed us with open arms.